Strong Coffee… Stronger Women!

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Café FemEnino

Sinister Coffee and Creamery is proud to join the women farmers of the Café Femenino program. We stand with these courageous women who fight for the credit they deserve and the voice they need to fight inequality. Café Femenino provides high-quality coffee beans that come with a one-of-a-kind support for women farmers across the world. Café Femenino disrupts the traditional economic system by paying women directly for their work, giving them the opportunity to take on leadership roles in their cooperative, and providing them with the title to the land on which they farm.

To further support the women of Café Femenino, Sinister Coffee and Creamery proudly donates a percentage of all Café Femenino sales to the Café Femenino Foundation—a nonprofit grant-awarding program committed to empowering women, their families and their communities. The Café Femenino Foundation supports women’s leadership roles in their communities, as the women lead and implement the projects once they receive funding. Read more about our Peru and Guatemala coffee beans.

Crafted Rolled Ice Cream

Featured in Forbes Magazine

Rolled Ice Cream starts with liquid ice cream base that’s poured onto a subzero cold plate. Fresh local berries and hand made ingredients are mixed in to order on the cold plate. The ice cream is spread thin, frozen and rolled all in a two to three minute interval. Rolled ice cream is the freshest way to be a part of your ice cream experience.