A Tale About Birch Manor

Things were not all the way peachy when my then girl friend and I moved into our new house outside the city. The excitement of moving in, and a new beginning was met by eerie interactions with the spiritual world. I would find out later, something rather sinister in nature attached itself to me. Things started out harmless enough, a music chime from my grandma went off all of a sudden in the middle of the night. We had put that out on display months ago, and I couldn’t tell you when the last time I had wound it up to play music. At the time I really didn’t think much of it, or of paranormal matters really in general. But what happened next, definitely changed a lot of things, including my awareness of the less visible spectrum.
An old friend of my now wife’s, had arrived to spend pride weekend with us. “H” we will call her, was rooted spiritually in native american traditions and spent many years living on reservations. She walked into our house, and immediately declared that the energy was not right inside. We spent the afternoon collecting ingredients for her to do a cleansing of the house. Later that day she not only smudged our entire house, but she smudged me and my wife as well. Things in the house felt good, and my wife and I went on with our lives.
Fast forward a month or so, my wife was home alone talking with me on the phone, and there was a knock on the door. She went to look outside through the peep hole, which was covered. She told me about it, and I immediately told her not to answer the door. Again there was a knock. She went to check again but this time out of the front window, but no one there. Maybe it was a prank, maybe it was an ex, maybe it was something else.
Later on one morning my wife and young son got up and headed to the kitchen. As they walked in they were taken back by what they saw. Every cupboard and drawer in the kitchen and dining area was open. Nothing disturbed just open. They went around and closed them all. Later that day we had been out running errands. When we arrived home we found the front door open and inside the kitchen cupboards in the same state. We searched the house and found no evidence that we had been broke into.
Our dog spent several moments at the foot of our bed barking at what appeared to be nothing. Most often, she would wake up and bark towards the open bedroom door that connected to the rest of the house. There were a few times she backed up, barking afraid facing the french doors that went into the back yard. She would shake with fear, but stay in the room if we were there.
Two nights in particular stand out in my memory. My wife and I woke up to the sheets and blankets being pulled off of us like the linens were being changed right out from under us. The other night, was just my experience. I woke up in the middle of the night to a shadowy silhouette in the bedroom doorway. We often slept with that door open as we had our young son in the room next door. I recall this whole experience feeling very real and very dream like all at the same time. The shadow figure looked like he had a gas mask on, an image I would see brought to life years later in a haunted museum of all things. The figure came to my side of the bed and then over the top of me without really the appearance of moving at all. It felt like something was being sucked from my face and I couldn’t move or speak.
Later my wife would find scratches on my back in the shower. She heard me yelp, immediately turned me around and told me I had three fresh red scratches going down my back in a way that it actually would have been physically impossible for me to have done.
The next part of this saga was experienced very differently by myself and the other parties involved. I remember being upset about something in the bedroom before going to dinner with a family friend and my mother-in-law. I was so mad I didn’t want to go to dinner, and told them all to go without me. The problem was, I had no reason to feel that angry about anything. In fact, earlier I had been feeling pretty happy, and once I left I felt pretty happy once again. According to my wife, my eyes were a deep dark color, and the things I would most likely say were different. She told our friend and my mother-in-law and I guess they all agreed that I needed to leave. They all came in and helped me off the bed, and out of the house. They said I was grumbling on the way to dinner, but once we all got there I was fine.
Things were tense at the house on Birch until we moved. We moved back into the city, and four years later, my wife was approached by a medium and told that it was really good that we had moved. He said a very angry man’s spirit had attached itself to me, and that if we hadn’t have moved it would have influenced our young son. A pretty bizarre conversation, considering neither of us had ever met the man, and he lived in British Columbia. A year prior I saw a stunning replica of what I thought I had seen at the house on Birch at a haunted museum. These two experiences, made me re-visit what had happened on Birch again.

The Klondike Hotel

Ghost hunting enthusiasts and novices alike have ventured to the Klondike Hotel in St. Helen’s Oregon hoping for a glimpse of some of this historic hotel’s nightly visitors. The owners of Sinister Coffee and Creamery were lucky enough to be a part of a walk through of the hotel in October of 2017. While visiting and learning the history of the hotel, Michelle Kaliher was snapping photos in the now vacant upstairs rooms. One of the most infamous stories of ghosts haunting the Klondike, is a female spirit who is said to have had a miscarriage and still wonders the halls looking for her baby. Here are the images caught during this investigation.

Klondike Hotel2.jpg
Klondike Hotel.jpg