Anything you thought you knew about rolled ice cream, scratch it, we have re-imagined it. Don’t know anything about rolled ice cream? Great! We are ready to wow you! Our ice cream base starts with fresh local dairy milk and cream, which makes our ice cream SERIOUSLY good as well as the freshest you can get without making it yourself. Our dairy suppliers are Schoch Dairy and Lady Lane Farms (thank you for partnering with us). Rolled ice cream is unique in that it starts with a liquid base, mixed and spread on a cold plate then rolled into neat solid rolls for you to enjoy. All the syrups, compotes, cookies, whip creams and garnishes have been hand-made by us with you in mind so we can provide you a complete dessert experience prepared right in front of you. Rolled ice cream is just that, an experience! So come down to the market ready with your phone to snap pictures or videos of the process, or to enjoy the props at our photo booth! Tag us and follow us on social media and we will send you a discount code for your next order!



An affagoto style rolled ice cream. Sweet cream base, rolled with crumbled coffee brittle, topped with espresso sauce, whip cream and a waffle twirl.


Our play on the classic S’mores. Sweet cream base, crumbled brown sugar gram cracker, chocolate sauce, topped with marshmallow whip cream and waffle cone twirl.


The Jinn with our house chocolate sauce.

Ghostly Encounter

Dark chocolate cookie and toasted black sesame mixed into sweet cream base, topped with chocolate sauce, whip cream and waffle twirl.

The Other Side

Egg free chocolate chip cookie dough mixed into our sweet cream base, topped with whip cream, chocolate sauce and a waffle twirl.


Fresh fruit cheesecake, rolled ice cream. Brown sugar gram cracker and seasonal fruit mixed into sweet cream base, topped with fruit coulis, cheesecake whip cream and waffle cone twirl.